.. in your garage this well designed automobile, ... in your pocket a slim but functional smart phone, ... in your living room a high definition TV, ... in your home office all the i's... - this is modern design - functionality made look nice and appealing! Your home - is it as well designed as the items you use everyday, is it as functional as it could be, is it really tailored to your needs, does it reflect your personal lifestyle?

The idea of the fathers of modern design was actually to use the industrial production capabilities to build affordable, functional and well designed goods. Somehow the building industry has lost these ideas.

We try to bring - on a small scale - these ideas back to life. Modern home design is not a 'piece of art', it can be affordable and it always has to reflect you and your lifestyle.

Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union. (Frank Lloyd Wright)

It's our goal to create this 'spiritual union' where form and function meet - and last but not least you as the user of this 'spiritual union' have to define the function and the design - and it's our job to assist and guide you. Do you want to update your kitchen, bring more light in your living room, or do you need support designing and building your dream home - in this case we would like to invite you to explore the following few pages.